Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - Equipo principal

Martí Manzano has a degree in Sociology (2016) and a Master in Social Policies, Labour and Welfare (2017), both degrees at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He is a PhD candidate as a Research Staff in Training (PIF) in the Department of Sociology of the UAB. He has been a member of the GEPS (Globalization, Education and Social Policies) and GIPE (Interdisciplinary Group of Educational Policies) since 2015 and 2018 respectively. He has participated in research inside and outside the university such as the ABJOVES project on early school leaving at the UAB, the socio-educational diagnosis for the District of Ciutat Vella or the evaluation of the Second Chance School El Llindar. He is specialized in educational inequalities, especially linked to social class and country of origin, the analysis of educational policies and school innovation. His PhD investigates the post-16 educational transitions that young descendants of migrants specifically live in highly segregated socio-educational contexts.