Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Miriam Prieto holds a PhD. in Pedagogy by University Complutense of Madrid. She is associate Professor (intern) in the Department of Pedagogy, Faculty of Teachers Training and Education, Autonomous University of Madrid. She belongs to the Research Group on Supranational Education Policy from Autonomous University of Madrid. Her research turns around the effects of educational discourse and policies on the concept of education, which results have been published in national and international prestigious journals as Studies in Philosophy and EducationEducación XXIProfesorado. Revista de Curriculum y Formación del Profesorado o Teoría de la Educación. Revista Interuniversitaria. She has conducted research stays at universities such as the Laboratoire Cultures et Sociétés en Europe of the University of Strasbourg (2010), the Institute of Education at London University (2012), or the Department of Pedagogical Studies of the University of Chile (2014). She has taken part in diverse national and regional research projects concerning educational policies in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, especially in what refers to the effects of measures as school choice, accountability or schools autonomy on the definition of education and on school practices